About me —

Passionate, well-balanced, ethical and a complete perfectionist with an eye for innovation. My passion for design comes from a family tradition, however, now-a-days the world demands new and unconventional ways to transmit feelings and ideas to our senses. I seek to be constantly learning different methods to visually communicate with responsibility, knowledge, creativity and initiative.

1. Diploma in Business Ethics (2010-2013)
2. Visual Communication (2013-2014)
3. Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design (2010-2014)
4. Master's degree in Branding and Packaging Design (2015-2016)

—Graphic Design
—User Research

Contact —

Phone (Spain)— +34 656 189 661
Phone (México)— +52 1 811 022 4421
Whatsapp— +52 1 811 022 4421
Email— gza.alejandra@gmail.com

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